Shattered Mind

Isle of the Lacedons


Having joined the company of the Zephyr’s Desire, the party (Calliope, Lewis, Rohk, Xayn, and Kermit) put to sea from Barsella and began their new lives as part of the ship’s company. Having little experience with the duties of seaman, they were given the worst, dirtiest tasks and despite doing them to the best of their abilities quickly ran afoul of the 2nd Mate, Clubber.

A mean spirited taskmaster, Clubber soon fault with each in a different way and took no small measure of pleasure from working them hard and long. Told to do as they were told and nothing less (or more) each member of the party settled in for a long difficult passage. This changed however after the ship encountered a small storm 3 days out to sea and Clubber was swept overboard. Kermit recognizing his danger and acting quickly, jumped into the stormed tossed sea with a rope and helped Clubber get back to the ship.

The ship’s carpenter repaired most of the damage, but the mast itself was damaged and could only be temporarily repaired by the Ship’s Mage Stormwind. Conferring with Stormwind, the Zephyr’s 1st Mate, Garland Oarhand and the ship’s only passenger’s (Kamer Olivaan, an old infirm human sage and his grandson Toliver Olivann), it was decided to make way to a distant island, even though several closer islands were nearby.

During this passage of nearly two weeks, Kermit was taken under Clubber’s tutelage and shown the duties of a ship’s mate. Even the rest of the party benefited from his new found “friend” and while still given hard dirty work, it no longer had to be done while suffering the mate’s sharp eye and tongue.

Twelve days after the storm, the party found themselves aboard a longboat making their way to a small island which rose sharply from the sea. After spending several hours circumnavigating it, they found a partially collapsed seacave. Inside were three passages.

The first lead upward for some distance and opened to out onto the sea about 70 feet above the water. The opening was concealed by several strong vines which covered the cave opening.

The party choose not to explore the next passage as it lead down and after a short distance, into the water.

The third passage climbed slowly upwards for some distance, the climb itself only slight more difficult for the stream of water that ran down the center of the passage. As the party followed the passage, it opened into a large (60 ft across) chamber with a clear, deep pool in its center. Water cascaded from all sides mostly obscuring the walls and feeding both the pool and the stream in the center of the passage.

Just as they entered the water, the party was set upon by 3 lacedons with strangled calcified skin. Though several of the shore parties members were paralyzed by the claws and bites of the lacedons, they pervailed and eventually destroyed all but one that escaped by diving into the pool. After exploring the chamber carefully, they found sloping passages on each side that lead up to another chamber hidden behind the falling water of the chamber’s sides. There they encountered another, larger group of lacedons and when one spoke to them, they parlayed.

The lacedon’s leader agreed to an exchange of a small amount of treasure for some badly need wood and another mast. That very night, a raft of seasoned wood and two masts were floated out to the Zephyr. The exchanged was made and repairs commenced even though it was night.

Several of the party members were summoned to Captain Googren’s cabin and there offered a small reward in exchange for undertaking a dangerous, secret mission. After being told, the party agree to swim shore and gain entrance once again the lacedon’s island. Using potions provided by Stormwind, they completely circled the island and found two other entrances, one a large underwater cave barred by a heavy portcullis, the other a small narrow passage leading into the island, also underwater.

Following this passage, the party discovered it lead not only into the waterfall chamber but also into a pool off of the central unexplored passageway from the main seacave. Choosing the left most passage of the four in this chamber, they came upon a small underwater chamber filled with submerged chests and piles of debris that had once been containers of various sorts.

As they entered this small treasure room, a lacedon guard above noted their light and immediately went for help. Not realizing this, but aware they could discovered at any moment, the party quickly began rummaging through the piles of coins and rotting debris. This clouded the water quickly, reducing vision and increasing their chance of discovery. Upon finding another crystal dagger with a bone handle, they began to leave but not before Calliope quickly used another spell of detection and found a magical ring and a magical trident.

Hearing lacedons behind them and finding others nearly waiting for them at the first pool, they fought a rearguard battle out into the open sea and back to the Zephyr which immediately set sail upon their return.

Each was given a reward of 600 gp in small gems by Toliver Olivaan, who did not nothing to win the party’s favor with his haughty manner.

Needing a port to make better repairs of the Zephyr as well as take on supplies, the ship set sail for Jhanisport.



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